Comrades of the Key

From October 1923 QST


When the “quite hour” passes

And the BCL’s in masses

Are turning off their sets to go to sleep,

The Amateurs get busy

And the air becomes quite dizzy

As twenty thousand tubes begin to “peep”

But none can make a record

In that QRM so checkered,

As Amateurs first rush up the nite –

The DX guy waits longer

When his signals will be stronger

And fifteen thousand tubes have ceased to pipe.

The Glory of Transmittin’,

Just like the angels flittin’,

Is something only Amateurs can cite;

For to pound a key with feeling,

As the ammeter goes reeling,

Is certainly a glorious delight.

There’s something rich and splendid

In the friendship, never ended,

Existent with the comrades of the key.

They may never see each other

But each is still a brother

In this A.R.R.L. fraternity.

-- H.H. Lippincott, 2DH