The Gal Behind the Mike
From September 1953 QST

When your eyes have started burning
And you head begins to ache,
And your ears are dully ringing
With the challenge – break, break, break

When the telephone keeps calling
With frantic, helpless pleas,
And countless hours of operation
Have you trembling at the knees,

And you’re plagued by sideband splatter
From the thoughtless (and the heels),
And Don Ducks’ monkey chatter
Blends with heterodynes and squeals,

Still your voice is calm and steady,
Clear and crisp and undismayed,
As you move disaster traffic
Unrewarded and unpaid,

And your patience is amazing
Be the going rough or smooth,
And your businesslike procedure
Is strictly in the groove,

Thus we who saw their operation
When tornado made its strike ---
Bow low in admiration,
To the gal behind the mike!