For State of Texas specific info on Amateur Radio support, contact the State Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) Officer (SRO), Kevin Lemon at (512) 424-2451 or (512) 424-2208   

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RACES - "The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service" is the emergency communications and disaster preparedness arm of the US Government. RACES is sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and is under the jurisdiction of the FCC.

RACES groups are organized and managed by local, county, or state civil-defense agencies that are responsible for disaster services and activated during civil emergencies by state or federal officials.  Members are required to be members of their local civil-preparedness groups as well, and they receive training to support those groups.

Its mission, like that of ARES, is to provide communications assistance to public and private agencies during a civil emergency or disaster. The organization is open to all amateurs and welcomes your participation.

ARES - "Amateur Radio Emergency Service" is the emergency communications and disaster preparedness arm of the ARRL.  ARES groups are generally organized by city or county and are made up of volunteers from the local area. The only requirements to join ARES are a willingness to serve and a valid amateur radio license.

ARRL’s Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is the largest nationwide ham radio emcomm organization, organized by individual ARRL sections that may be as large as a state or as small as a few counties, depending on population.

ARES is managed by the ARRL Field Organization (a system of volunteer managers and technical resources) and works primarily with local public safety groups and nongovernmental agencies, such as local fire departments and the American Red Cross.

Local ARES leaders determine how best to organize the volunteers and interact with the agencies their groups serve. Training is arranged by the ARES teams and local organizations.

For complete information about ARES, check out the online Public Service Communications Manual.

(MARS) "Military Auxiliary Radio System" is a group of dedicated citizen volunteers who support contingency radio communications to the Department of Defense (DoD) in a variety of circumstances, including complex catastrophes which include telecommunication/cyber denied or impaired environments.

The most extensive training for the emergency operations is through the Texas Army Mars program.  Mars operations interface with Texas Emergency Management, ARES and RACES.  Participation requirements require a minimum of Hours per quarter to remain in the program.  A Technician class amateur may join, but must upgrade his license within one year to remain in the program. Click the Mars logo for more information.